The Colorado River Delta

Reconnecting the River to the Sea

The Colorado River Delta sits where the Colorado River meets the Gulf of California between the U.S. and Mexico.

You can help! Your support will help us "raise the river."

The Colorado River Delta today—it was once a lush region of 3,000 square miles teeming with plant, bird and marine life. © Peter McBride

The Colorado River on the U.S. side (left) barely trickles into Mexico through the Morelos Dam (right). The Colorado River hasn’t regularly flowed to the Gulf of California since 1960. © Taylor Hawes/TNC

Although it is now a mostly dusty, dry expanse, the delta can be brought back to life. Restoration efforts and periodic river flows offer tremendous potential for renewal. © Sonoran Institute

In partnership with several organizations, The Nature Conservancy has helped reach an a binational agreement between the U.S. and Mexico to restore water to the Colorado River Delta. © Sonoran Institute

The Nature Conservancy and other supporting organizations will match U.S. and Mexico commitments to secure water rights and implement restoration efforts like this native vegetation project on an old oxbow in the river. © Taylor Hawes/TNC

The plan is to work with government agencies in the U.S. and Mexico to provide enough water to reconnect the Colorado River to the Gulf of California. © Sonoran Institute

Enhanced riparian and marsh habitat will support 380 bird species, including more than 200,000 migratory water birds that rely on the delta. © Jackie Hall/TNC

For locals in the region, restoration work is already adding economic benefits by employing residents. Future projects offer a chance to have a resurgence in culture, tradition and local job opportunities through increased hunting, fishing and tourism. © Jackie Hall/TNC

You can help! Your support will help fulfill the new binational agreement’s promise and is essential for securing a long-term agreement that safeguards the Colorado River Delta. © Jackie Hall/TNC


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