Latin America

The Nature Conservancy works in 16 countries in the region, from Mexico to Argentina.

Latin America, where the languages spoken are primarily Spanish and Portuguese, represents 14% of the Earth's surface. It is the home to approximately 580 million people of a variety of ancestries and races. Some of the biggest cities in the world, like São Paulo and Mexico City are in this region. It's cultural heritage is mainly a mixture of european (Spanish, Portuguese and French), african and indigenous cultures.

Five of the world's most biodiverse countries in the world are here: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. As richly diverse  as the area is, it is also under very serious threats. Fifteen of the countries where fauna is threatened with extinction by deforestation, overfishing and urban pollution are in Latin America.

We work in 16 countries in Latin America.

Argentina Chile Guatemala Panama
Belize Colombia Honduras Paraguay
Bolivia Costa Rica Mexico Peru
Brazil Ecuador Nicaragua Venezuela
Latin America Conservation Council

What Latin American challenge could bring together more than 30 CEOs and political leaders? Conservation, of course! The Nature Conservancy has convened an unprecedented group of influential individuals who will collaborate on the design and implementation of a set of projects aimed at addressing the region’s most pressing issues: water security, food security, and infrastructure development. Learn more about the Latin America Conservation Council



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