Latin America

The world’s most biodiverse region is at a turning point.

With 40 percent of the world’s species, more than a quarter of the Earth’s forests and the second largest reef on the planet, Latin America is a beacon of hope for a planet facing a changing climate and growing demands for food, water and energy.

While it is the largest net food exporting region in the world, most of its agricultural potential has not been tapped. But, the stakes are high; Latin America’s deforestation rate is already triple that of the rest of the planet.

The Nature Conservancy’s work in in Latin America spans across 15 countries and draws on a wide range of partnerships with governments, rural communities, indigenous leaders, businesses, research institutions, and NGOs. Together we are harnessing innovation, creativity and partnerships to transform how people use nature while improving livelihoods and protecting some of Latin America’s most iconic places: from the Amazon and the Maya Forest,  to the Patagonia grasslands and the Mesoamerica Reef.

View or download our Latin America Annual Report to learn about some of the major accomplishments your support has made possible. 

Learn about the Latin America Conservation Council (LACC), an unprecedented group of more than 25 global leaders leveraging their collective influence, expertise and resources to make Latin America a model of environmentally responsible growth.

Learn more about the 15 countries in Latin America where we work to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.




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