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Protecting nature from the Andes to the Amazon

Ecuador is home to twice as many bird species as the continental United States and has more plant species than the entirety of North America- all packed into a country about the same size as Nevada.

With the vast Amazonian rain forest to the east, and coastal lowlands to the west, the Andes bisect Ecuador with peaks as high as 20,561 feet. Macaws, jaguars, pumas, whales, Galápagos tortoises, howler monkeys and great green macaws live in the country's incredible mix of landscapes.

The Conservancy has worked in Ecuador since 1984. Over the years we have built solid partnerships with public and private sectors, NGOs, indigenous peoples and rural communities across the country to develop practices that are sustainable both for the environment and the local economy. From strengthening protected areas, to helping communities adopt sustainable livelihoods, to devising an innovative way of paying for watershed protection, the Conservancy has built a substantial track record of conservation successes. Quito is home to TNC's first successfully piloted water fund, a unique concept that has since rapidly spread across Latin America and to the Untied States, Africa, Australia and Asia.

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