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The Amazon rainforest covers nearly one-third of Colombia.

The Amazon

The Amazon covers nearly one-third of the country's total area. Here, we work with indigenous communities and the local governments to stop deforestation and facilitate effective conservation.
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Caribbean Coast

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the tallest coastal mountain in the world. Palms, cacti and tropical dry forest fringe the park’s northern border along the Caribbean coast, while tropical rain forests, treeless plains, and snow-capped peaks are found in the interior.
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The Magdalena River

The Magdalena River, South America’s fifth basin, is born in the Andes mountain and runs across a large part of Colombia (24% of the national territory),generating life and serving as an economic life-force for the more than 30 million Colombians.
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Llanos Grasslands

The Llanos, located in the Orinoco River Basin that runs between Colombia and Venezuela, are some of the world’s richest tropical grasslands.
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