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More than half of Chile’s plant and animal species are found nowhere else on Earth.

“A long petal of sea, wine and snow” is how legendary Chilean poet Pablo Neruda describes Chile’s unique geography. Flanked on one side by the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains on the other, Chile’s long, thin expanse boasts a stunning natural variety. Home to the world’s driest desert, and to towering glaciers, Chile also harbors rich Mediterranean valleys and some of the planet’s last temperate rainforests. This breathtaking nature is a source of inspiration and livelihoods for people the world over.

Chile’s environment is as bountiful and generous as it is beautiful. For centuries, nature has played a key role in sustaining Chile’s population. Its copper, saltpeter, forestry products, fruit, wine, fish and seafood have helped construct local and world economies, and have been the pillar of Chile’s economic success over the past four decades. However, the cost for nature has been high, and the drive to meet demand is destroying Chile’s ancient forests, rendering fertile soils sterile, depleting the ocean’s resources, and amplifying the effects of climate change on Chile’s nature, people and cities.

We believe that the same ingenuity that has turned Chile into the economic trailblazer of Latin America can be harnessed in favor of sustainable development and the conservation of nature. Together, we can help Chile build a future where people get the food, energy and economic growth they need without sacrificing nature. The Nature Conservancy has been helping hard-working people to protect land and sea since 1997. In 2003, we created the 50,000-acre Valdivian Coastal Reserve in southern Chile to protect rare temperate rainforests. Since then, our projects in Chile have grown to safeguard water sources, create sustainable fisheries and strive for conservation-friendly development.

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Promoting natural solutions to chart a sustainable course for Chile’s oceans and people.


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