Fighting Fire With Fire

Conserving Tropical Savannas

At The Nature Conservancy, we do things a little differently.

When Australia’s northern savannas were being ravaged by wildfires, we turned to the knowledge of the land’s Traditional Owners. Indigenous Australians have protected their land for millennia with controlled burning.

They knew that by burning vegetation in cooler months they could prevent large wildfires spreading across the landscape, encouraging healthy regrowth, sustaining bush food sources, protecting cultural sites and at the same time, looking after wildlife habitat.

This ancient knowledge also solves a modern problem: small, cool fires release much less greenhouse gases than large hot ones.

We’re working with Indigenous communities across northern Australia to bring back traditional fire management while creating income and employment for Indigenous people. The result: healthy country, less greenhouse gases and thriving communities.

That’s fighting fire with fire.

Visit our Australia website to learn more about The Nature Conservancy’s work in Australia.


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