Chimpanzees of Gombe and Mahale

A Closer Look at Some of the Region's Most Famous Residents

Juvenile chimpanzee in the forest at Mahale National Park. The Nature Conservancy is launching a large-scale conservation effort in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem with Pathfinder International, Jane Goodall Institute and the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

Chimpanzee at Gombe National Park on Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania.

A key strategy for strengthening chimp populations is to improve management and protection for important stretches of forest, expanding habitat ranges and providing migration corridors.

The Tuungane Project — a collaboration of The Nature Conservancy and Pathfinder International — addresses chimpanzee habitat protection, fisheries management, freshwater protection and reproductive health.

Two chimpanzees sit near each other at Mahale National Park in Tanzania.

A young chimpanzee goes for a ride at Mahale National Park.

A chimpanzee in a tree at Mahale National Park in Tanzania.

Two adults and one juvenile chimpanzee at Mahale National Park in Tanzania.