Water droplet on flowers
Water droplets on flowers © Karlein Kwong/TNC Photo Contest 2019


Imagine for 1 Minute...

...what a greener, more just and sustainable future looks like.

"Imagine For 1 Minute" is a short film posing a big question: How do you imagine a better future? Made of tens of thousands of images donated via and voiced by faith leaders, Nobel prize winners, Indigenous leaders, sports stars and actors, it shows us how decisions we make now will impact and influence every generation to come. When you play it for the first time, we recommend you close your eyes.

Warning: film contains rapid flashing images.

Imagine for 1 Minute... what a greener, more just and sustainable future looks like.

 This year is a year of firsts—including the first ever virtual UN General Assembly. Can we also make this year the first we imagine and then create a better future built in harmony with nature? Nature4Climate driven and TNC supported, this film dares us to #ImagineFor1Minute a better world. If we can see it together, we can make it happen. The full video is also available in nine additional languages.

See what people are doing today to realize a better future and learn more about what’s at stake in the year ahead.

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