A group of king penguins emerge from the ocean
King Penguins Fortuna Bay, South Georgia © Cedric Favero/TNC Photo Contest 2019


Building Momentum for Nature: Coalition Action

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As the African proverb tells us, if you want to go far, go together. In that spirit, the Nature Now campaign supports and connects with a number of coalition efforts to raise the rallying cry for nature and climate and celebrate leadership across governments, the private sector and local communities. Here’s a snapshot of some of the efforts we are part of, followed by a look at collective influence from various campaigns and initiatives. The aggregator shows a groundswell of support and demand for global leaders to make bold decisions. Every action counts!


The Race is On: Leaders’ Pledge for Nature

More than 80 countries have signed the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. Given the head-of-state announcements that are part of this pledge, it has the highest level of influence going into the CBD and UNFCC CoPs. The other coalition efforts all ladder up to and support it.

Learn more at leaderspledgefornature.org.

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A smiling woman farms in a field, with text over photo that reads 'Leaders Pledge for Nature'
Leaders Pledge for Nature United to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 for sustainable development. Photo © Jonathan Caramanus/Green Renaissance/WWF-UK

Nature Positive – A Global Goal for Nature

For climate, the world has a clear net zero emissions goal. But what’s the goal for nature? A number of orgs have agreed that we need an overarching goal, or apex, to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030. 

Learn more at naturepositive.org.

The Race is On (2 Min) The race is on to ensure a nature positive world, in support of climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals.


Voice for the Planet

If the planet had a voice, it would cry ‘help’. People around the world are adding their voice to call for urgent action. #VoiceForThePlanet will bring your voice to global leaders via the United Nations at critical nature and climate conferences in 2022.

Join in at voicefortheplanet.org.

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Voice for the Planet Action for nature cannot be achieved without addressing the climate emergency, social justice and human rights. We need to restore a healthy planet for all.



A Movement for Nature 

This tool aggregates the numbers from various collective campaigns and initiatives to demonstrate the support and demand from around the world for global leaders to take bold decisions. We want to ensure the future health of our planet, and thereby our own, through collective bold decisions at UN conferences. The following data was collected from Jan 2021 – Dec 2021, and is updated monthly. We hope it will show an upward trend in participation as we move towards these important global negotiations.