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The sun shines above the grasslands of Loisaba Conservancy.
Loisaba Conservancy TNC is working with partners to stitch together a 10-million-acre mosaic of community, government, and private lands in northern Kenya for people and nature. © Niels Van Gijn

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There are currently no upcoming webinar offerings. Click on our past webinars tab above to enjoy past recordings where you can watch and learn about conservation work from around the globe. 

If you have questions about recordings, email to connect with our stewardship team and get more information.

Saving the Wild

Fall 2021 | The fates of rhinos in Kenya and orangutans in Borneo hang in the balance. But there is still hope! View our special webinar series recordings to learn how TNC is protecting irreplaceable habitat not only for wildlife, but for all of us who depend on the natural world. You will meet local TNC experts and community partners and get a glimpse of conservation in action. Hear how smart science and innovative solutions are helping to safeguard habitat for wildlife and support livelihoods for people.

Saving the Wild: Protecting Rhinos in Kenya Not so long ago, black rhinos nearly disappeared forever, poached almost to extinction. Today, with TNC support, we'll return a beloved species to Loisaba Conservancy's open grasslands for the first time in 50 years—helping to support Kenya's effort to continue rebuilding its black rhino population.
Saving the Wild: Protecting Orangutans in Borneo The tropical rainforests of Borneo—a region of critical biodiversity and home to three-quarters of the world’s orangutans—are disappearing at an alarming rate. Watch to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest and to learn about TNC’s partnerships that enable us protect this area.