Gopher tortoise hatchling
Willie Farrell Brown Preserve Gopher tortoise hatchling © © Matt Hinderliter/TNC

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Willie Farrell Brown Preserve


Springtime brings wildflowers and tiny tortoises.


A walk through this preserve might include admiring pitcher plants, observing rare gopher tortoises and/or their burrows, listening to the trickle of water entering a wetland area, or enjoying the shade of a native longleaf pine stand.

The natural features found on the 1,067 acres are due to moist, mild winters and hot summers, paired with minimal residential and agricultural development. More than 96% of the preserve is wooded, wetlands, or in its original, natural condition.

The Mississippi Natural Heritage Program has documented the farthest inland live oak woodlands on this preserve, where you will also find bogs, small stream swamp forests, and longleaf pine forests.

The Nature Conservancy uses prescribed fires at this site to control non-native plants and to keep the forest systems healthy. Native plants found here include flame flower, pineland bogbutton, yellow pipewort and spreading pogonia.