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Taylor Hollow


Spring wildflowers bloom along the trail at Taylor Hollow.
Taylor Hollow Spring wildflowers bloom along the trail at Taylor Hollow. © Paul Kingsbury/The Nature Conservancy

Taylor Hollow is among the last undisturbed remnants of middle Tennessee’s majestic forest system.



An ecological gem of middle Tennessee, Taylor Hollow contains a deeply cut valley and steep slopes divided by a tranquil spring-fed stream. The hollow provides habitat for numerous aquatic creatures, a small waterfall and a hidden cave.

The four major habitats represented throughout the preserve contain state endangered plants such as the Blue-eyed Mary (Collinsia verna) and the Ozark Least Trillium (Trillium pusillum var. ozarkanum), and several state threatened plants such as the Michigan Lily (Lilium michiganese) and the Butternut (Juglans cinerea).

Why TNC Selected This Site 

Taylor Hollow supports more than 380 plant species, numerous aquatic creatures and several cave-dwelling animals. First noted for its ecological value by Vanderbilt University botanists in 1975, Taylor Hollow was purchased by TNC in 1978, shortly after opening an office in the state. 


Limited Access

Open *WITH PERMISSION* from The Nature Conservancy


One of the last undisturbed remnants of a historic, and once magnificent, mesophytic (moderately moist) forest system of middle Tennessee.


163 acres

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All first time visitors to Taylor Hollow must attend a group hike. These take place annually in April and are limited. The list of future hikes are posted in January on the Tennessee Division of Natural Areas’ web page

NOTE: This preserve is * open by permission only. * Contact our office for permission and directions. If permission is granted, note that it is important to hike on the marked, moderately difficult 2.5 mile trail along the ridge and down into the hollow since the preserve harbors sensitive wildlife habitat.  

Due to the delicate natural area, the following activities are prohibited: motorized vehicles (ATVs), horses, bicycles, collecting plants and animals, hunting, camping and rock climbing.

The cover of Tennessee Notes is from 1978.
Tennessee Notes An early edition of TNC's Tennessee Notes reports on the purchase of Taylor Hollow. (Click to see a larger image.) © The Nature Conservancy

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