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Stone Preserve


View of boulder and trees at Stone Preserve
Trees and Boulder at Stone Preserve View of boulder and trees at Stone Preserve © Byron Jorjorian

Known for its massive sandstone boulders, Stone Preserve is ideal for bouldering and exploring.



Known for its massive sandstone boulders—some as large as houses—Stone Preserve boasts a cool and shady forest that is located adjacent to National Park Service land along the Obed River. This scenic site was generously donated to The Nature Conservancy by Dr. Fred and Helen Stone and is located in Morgan County, near the Lilly's Bluff overlook of the Obed Wild and Scenic River.

The preserve's pine and hardwood forests and the large boulders serve as home to a variety of wildlife, including several salamander species. Visitors might catch a glimpse of a red-spotted newt or green salamander during a trip to Stone Preserve.

The large sandstone boulders at Stone Preserve provide a beautiful and natural setting for the popular sport, bouldering, or rock climbing without the use of formal rock climbing gear. While there are no official hiking trails established at Stone Preserve, there are some meandering paths through the woods, including those that lead to popular bouldering spots. Contact the East Tennessee Climbers Coalition (865-566-6547) and the Southeastern Climbers Coalition ( for more information, including important guidelines for climbing.

For more recreational opportunities, including paddling, rock climbing, hiking, and fishing, check out the nearby Obed Wild and Scenic River




Several species of salamanders and song birds, including Swainson's warbler.


66 acres

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