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Selden Creek Preserve


Selden Creek Preserve, Lyme
Selden Creek Preserve Selden Creek Preserve, Lyme © Alden Warner

A towering mixed forest leads to a scenic overlook to glimpse the variety of birdlife.



Why You Should Visit

Selden Creek Preserve has a scenic trail through a towering mixed forest, leading to a scenic overlook that provides opportunities to glimpse the variety of birdlife on Selden Creek.

Why TNC Selected This Site

One of the most biologically significant sites on the lower Connecticut River, this preserve takes the name of the creek that divides it from the 600-acre Selden Island State Park. Selden Creek Preserve fronts one of the most important tidal wetlands of the lower Connecticut River and provides a buffer area for roosting bald eagles.

What TNC Has Done/Is Doing

Selden Creek is a key site in the chapter's Tidelands of the Connecticut River program, which focuses on the region's tidal marshes.




Dawn to dusk


207 acres

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What to See: Plants

The preserve’s mixed forest is immediately adjacent to a freshwater tidal marsh.

What to See: Animals

A variety of birdlife can be seen in the marsh, including wintering bald eagles. In the spring, stop by the vernal pools near the trail; these are essential habitat for woodland frogs and salamanders. 

Please enjoy your visit to this preserve. The Nature Conservancy welcomes passive recreation, including hiking, birding, canoeing, nature study and cross-country skiing.  

To ensure those who visit after you are able to enjoy the same experience you have, please remember to stay on designated trails, pack out everything you brought in, and contact our office at: 203 568 6270 or if you notice any problems.  

To maintain the ecological integrity of the preserve, the following activities are not allowed:  collection of plant or animal specimens, camping, fires, fishing, hunting, bicycling, and use of motorized vehicles.  Pets are not allowed on TNC preserves.