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Long Pond Natural Area


pond surrounded by pine forest
Long Pond Natural Area This 99-acre pond is a haven for loons, osprey, hawks and bald eagles. © Glenn Suokko

A mature 30-acre northern white cedar swamp is an important ecological feature here.



Remote and Undeveloped

TNC manages 1,500 feet of shoreline around this remote, undeveloped 99-acre pond. Long Pond is surrounded by a northern hardwood forest and includes habitat for such birds as the common loon and mammals like the river otter and bobcat.

Visitors can paddle this remote pond, or hike through the forest surrounding it with a chance to see the common loon, osprey, mink or river otter. The mature northern white cedar swamp at the south end of the pond is a stunning highlight.




Loons, river otter and more


767 acres

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Long Pond Natural Area includes a Vermont Fish and Wildlife fishing access, paddock Hill Trail and unmarked logging roads. There are no facilities.

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What to See: Plants

Long Pond is surrounded by a northern hardwood forest composed of sugar maple, red maple, yellow birch, American beech, balsam fir, white and red spruce and white ash. The understory includes hophornbeam, striped maple and a few old yellow birches. The most important ecological feature is a mature northern white cedar swamp on either side of Sawmill Brook at the south end of the pond. The dense canopy of cedar is broken occasionally by large white spruce. There are a number of sedges found in the area including sweet gale, leatherleaf and speckled adler.

What to See: Animals

Birds include common loon, great blue heron, mallard and black duck, red-tailed hawk, bald eagle, osprey, American kestrel, pileated woodpecker, hermit thrush, purple finch and black-throated green warbler. You'll also find such mammals as mink, snowshore hare, red-backed vole, long-tailed weasel, river otter, bobcat, porcupine and moose.