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Keel Mountain Preserve


 (Clematis morefieldii) at Keel Mountain Preserve in Alabama.
Morefield's leather flower (Clematis morefieldii) at Keel Mountain Preserve in Alabama. © Alan Cressler

This acquisition protects the federally endangered Morefield's leather flower.



Why TNC Selected This Site 

This site was selected to preserve the federally endangered Morefield's leatherflower.

What TNC is Doing

Future plans for this preserve include maintenance, inventory, monitoring, and trail maintenance.

Why You Should Visit 

As you step on the trail at Keel Mountain Preserve, you are immediately immersed in a forest of oak, hickory, smoketree, and cedar. Ruggedly beautiful limestone bluffs are spotted with sinkholes and glade-like openings. The creek beds at this preserve can run high, or run dry very quickly according to the local rainfalls. A small waterfall flowing into a sinkhole has been dubbed by local residents as the "lost sink."

The area is home to the federally endangered Morefield's leather flower, a unique and little known plant; it has been found in only six populations (all located within the Huntsville Mountains).




310 acres

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What to See: Plants

This preserve protects several rare plants, including the endangered Morefield's leatherflower, Cumberland rosinweed and the rare Limerock arrowwood. Morefield's leatherflower is found only in the mountains around Huntsville.

What to See: Animals

Barn owls and Allegheny woodrats and many deer frequent the rocky slopes of Keel Mountain. The recently completed nature trail offers ample opportunities to view many songbirds

The "lost sink" nature trail is now open to visitors! Please be aware that there are multiple landowners on Keel Mountain. Please be courteous to our neighbors and stay within the property boundaries of our preserve.