Fall colors highlight the view from the lodge at Aravaipa Canyon at Hart Prairie Preserve in Arizona.
Hart Prairie Preserve Fall colors highlight the view from the lodge at Aravaipa Canyon at Hart Prairie Preserve in Arizona. © Neil Chapman/TNC

Places We Protect

Hart Prairie Preserve


The world’s largest Bebb willow community is a focus for this historic preserve.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of cool forest and meadows, the 245-acre preserve is home to uncommon wildflowers, old-growth ponderosa pine, a rare grove of Bebb willows, herds of elk and deer, porcupine, prairie dogs, more than 120 species of birds, and more than 250 plant species.

Hart Prairie Preserve, with its historic lodge and charming guest cabins, was donated to The Nature Conservancy in 1994 by a local family, owners of The Homestead at Hart Prairie, when they discovered that their property held a globally rare community of Bebb willow trees.

Much of the work at the preserve focuses on the Bebb willow community, the largest known in the world. Conservancy staff also works closely with partners at the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and various departments at Northern Arizona University on ecological restoration activities in the surrounding National Forest.

Preserve History

Conservancy preserves in Arizona share much of the colorful history of the state itself including indians and cowboys, the cavalry, prospectors and Eastern dudes, and even a Civil War skirmish. Where was that?

Give Nature a Hand

Volunteers offer the Conservancy a way to complete more critically important work while developing lasting friendships and having a lot of fun. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with The Nature Conservancy in Arizona.

Summer Nature Walks

These 90-minute walks offer the opportunity to learn more about birds, wildflowers, forest ecology, and the Conservancy’s work across the region. Nature Walks are every Sunday, June thru September. Download the 2019 schedule.


Sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen, binoculars and plenty of water.

Plants and Animals

Downloads available: Butterflies of Hart Prairie (.pdf, 4 mb); Birds and Animals Checklist (.pdf, 1 mb); Plants Checklist (.pdf, 476 kb)

Those interested in visiting the preserve at other times than the Sunday nature walks should call 928-779-6129 to make an appointment.

While the preserve is not open on a daily basis for visitors, Hart Prairie offers intimate retreat facilities for public or private organizations with a focus on land management, conservation, and education and outreach; and guided nature walks during the summer and fall.

Meetings & Retreats

Hart Prairie offers intimate retreat facilities for public or private organizations with a focus on land management, conservation, education and outreach. The facilities are available from late May until mid-October. Learn more under the Lodging tab on this page.

Preserve Regulations

To preserve the natural character of our lands for our wildlife and the privacy of our visitors, we restrict the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), whether amateur or commercial, anywhere within this preserve.


Call 928-779-6129 or e-mail hartprairie@tnc.org.


Hart Prairie allows your group to escape every day distractions while enjoying the conveniences you need for a productive meeting. Through solar power, we offer high-speed wireless internet access at the Mariposa Lodge and porch; phone, fax, and copier, as well as audio-visual equipment.

Education is an important part of The Nature Conservancy’s mission. Therefore, a Conservancy representative will be available to take your group on a nature walk, highlighting the ecology of the region and the Conservancy’s work at Hart Prairie, the San Francisco Peaks, and beyond. This walk or an alternative activity can be scheduled with your reservation.

For more information, call 928-779-6129 or e-mail hartprairie@tnc.org

The facility is not available for parties, receptions, weddings, reunions or other social events.


The Homestead

Built in the 1870’s this cabin is the original homestead cabin built by the first European settlers served as a stop on the Grand Canyon State Route. We have renovated the facilities while maintaining the rustic and historic nature of the original structure. The cabin has two separate bedrooms, each with two single beds and an indoor restroom with shower. Capacity: 4 adults.

Mariposa Lodge

Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the Mariposa Lodge houses our conferencing and dining facilities as well as two rooms that make an excellent suite.

  • The Butterfly has two full beds. Capacity: 2-4 adults.
  • The Cocoon one queen bed. Capacity: 2 adults.
  • There is a single indoor restroom with shower, shared by both rooms.

The Cabins
  • Basalt - This one room cabin is a favorite of hikers and backpackers. There are two single beds and a bathhouse. Two restrooms and shower facilities are located just a few yards away. Capacity: 2 adults.
  • Columbine - This is Basalt’s “sister cabin” with two double beds. Capacity: 2 adults.
  • Deer’s Ear - This cabin is identical to Basalt and Columbine with two single beds. Capacity: 2 adults.
  • Bat Cave - The Bat Cave is a single room cabin located a bit farther from the other cabins ensuring extra privacy. It has one double bed and is located just a short walk away from the bathhouse. Capacity: 1-2 adults.