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Cross Ranch Preserve

North Dakota

Bison in the distance silhouetted against a dark sky.
Cross Ranch Bison American Bison at Cross Ranch in Oliver County, North Dakota, along one of the few free-flowing stretches of the Missouri River. © Richard Hamilton Smith

Cross Ranch is located along the only free-flowing section of the Missouri River in North Dakota.

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Photos from Cross Ranch

The prairie is buzzing, blooming and stomping with life!

A herd of bison stand against a rainbow grassland backdrop.
Closeup of a hoary puccoon, a delicate yellow flower.
Three bison stand together on a prairie.
Landscape view of the rolling forested hills of Cross Ranch.
A grove of cottonwood trees stands in the distance with blurred grassland in the foreground.
A broad field of gray-headed coneflower.
Four bison on a snowy prairie.
The Missouri River at sunset, with grass-lined banks.
Closeup of a sharp-tailed grouse.
A bison stands in a grassland at sunset.

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