(ALL RIGHTS) Chapman Pond Preserve
Chapman Pond Preserve (ALL RIGHTS) Chapman Pond Preserve © Rick Newton

Places We Protect

Chapman Pond Preserve


Chapman Pond is part of our critical work on the Connecticut River.

Why TNC Selected This Site

The pond and surrounding land provide nesting, breeding and feeding habitat for a variety of plants and animals, and it is a winter roosting site for bald eagles. Four rare plant species are found in the adjacent marsh.

What TNC Has Done/Is Doing

The East Haddam Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy have protected more than 500 acres around the pond.

What to See: Plants

The pond is bordered on the west by low floodplain forest, and to the east by hemlock forest. 

What to See: Animals

Depending on the season, an alert visitor may see bald eagle, belted kingfisher, black-crowned night heron, black duck, great blue heron, great egret, great horned owl, red-tailed hawk, snowy egret, as well as coyote, red fox, river otter.

Please enjoy your visit to this preserve.  The Nature Conservancy welcomes passive recreation, including hiking, birding, canoeing, nature study and cross-country skiing.  

To ensure those who visit after you are able to enjoy the same experience you have, please remember to stay on designated trails, pack out everything you brought in, and contact our office at: 203-568-6270 or ct@tnc.org if you notice any problems.  

To maintain the ecological integrity of the preserve, the following activities are not allowed:  collection of plant or animal specimens, camping, fires, fishing, hunting, bicycling, and use of motorized vehicles. Pets are not allowed on TNC preserves.