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Davis Mountains Open Days


Rocky outcrops with forested mountains in the distance.
Davis Mountains Preserve This wild and remote region is one of the most scenic places in Texas. © Jerod Foster


Event Overview

General Info:

Our Madera Canyon Trail is separate from The Davis Mountains Preserve and is OPEN to the public all year long, from sunrise to sunset, regardless of the closure of the Davis Mountains Preserve.

The Nature Conservancy's (TNC) Davis Mountains Preserve—home to Mount Livermore and Baldy Peak—is closed to the public for research and conservation-related management activities throughout the majority of the year. However, the preserve opens for camping, hiking, biking, equestrian, picnics, photography, birding and other outdoor activities on select weekends throughout the year.

As of 2023, A RESERVATION IS NO LONGER REQUIRED to attend Open Events on the preserve, with the exception of occasional special events. Please feel free to visit us during one of our Open Events, listed below!

2023 Open Events:

No reservation required! All dates are Open Weekend Events with overnight camping available from 8:00 a.m. Friday – 5:00 p.m. Sunday:

  • March 17-19, 2023
  • June 2-4, 2023
  • August 25-27, 2023
  • October 20-22, 2023

Open Event Requirements:

  • High-clearance, street-legal vehicles are required to drive past the McIvor Conservation Center.
  • Campfires are prohibited on the preserve.
  • Firearms are not permitted on the preserve.
  • Any person under the age of 18 must be supervised by an accompanying adult.
  • No pets, aside from licensed service animals for assistance, are permitted on the preserve.


Other Important Information:

  • All waste will need to be packed in and packed out.
  • Public restrooms are available at the McIvor Conservation Center.
  • We suggest bringing plenty of food and water, rain gear, hiking boots, sunscreen and hats for any of our trails.
  • Weather is unpredictable on the preserve. Make sure you are prepared for a wide range of conditions.

For more information, contact Kaylee French by email at kaylee.french@TNC.ORG, or call 432-426-2390.

* The hike to Baldy Peak of Mount Livermore is rated as strenuous, with an elevation gain of 1,800 feet. Depending on individual ability, the trail will take a fit hiker 4-6 hours on average to complete, not including drive time to the trailhead. On Open Days, the gates close at 5:00 p.m. Please plan accordingly.



  • The Nature Conservancy’s Davis Mountains Preserve is open to the public during our Open Event dates, which are posted on this webpage at the beginning of each calendar year. Our Open Event dates change each year.

  • We set our Open Event dates at the beginning of each new calendar year.

  • In an effort to expand our education and outreach opportunities throughout West Texas in 2023, we are hosting four Open Weekends at the Davis Mountains Preserve. This will allow TNC to offer public access to our five other West Texas Preserves throughout the year, including Diamond Y SpringDolan FallsIndependence CreekMarathon Grasslands and Sandia Springs. Stay tuned for updates on Open Days at these preserves!

  • As of 2023, reservations are no longer required to attend Open Events, with the exception of occasional special events.

    For those special events that do require reservations, a link to reserve your spot will be posted at the top of this webpage about a month before the event occurs. For example, reservation sign ups for the May 6, 2023 Open Day will be posted on this page by the end of March 2023.

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  • No. Mount Livermore/Baldy Peak are only accessible to the public during our Open Events.

  • Per The National Park Service, a high-clearance 2WD vehicle is defined as an SUV or truck type vehicle with at least 8 inches of clearance or more, from the lowest point of the frame, body, suspension or differential, to the ground.

    A high-clearance vehicle is required to drive anywhere past our McIvor Conservation Center at the entrance of the Davis Mountains Preserve, including to the trailhead for Mount Livermore/Baldy Peak. There are several trails accessible from our McIvor Center that do not require you to have a high-clearance vehicle.

    NOTE: During our rainy season (July – September), our Madera Canyon Road has several water crossings that can be impassible. Other trails are available, if this is the case.

    A 4WD vehicle is not required but is helpful.

  • No pets are allowed on the Davis Mountains Preserve. However, pets are allowed on the Madera Canyon Trail.


  • Camping is available only in our 4 designated camping areas. A map with our camping areas can be found on our Davis Mountains Preserve page.

  • No. All campsites are first come, first served.

  • Yes. All campsites can be driven up to.

  • Yes. Campsites do not have water or electricity available.

  • When we are not in a burn ban, camp stoves are allowed.

    Generators are not allowed.

  • Yes. Our McIvor Conservation Center has a men’s and women’s bathroom, each with two showers available for use during our Open Weekends.

  • Yes. There is a water faucet along the main road, close to our McIvor Conservation Center. It is potable, but we’d suggest bringing your own water anyway.

  • No. We suggest bringing your own water so you can wash dishes at your campsite with biodegradable soap.

  • No. We do not have a trash service on the preserve and ask that you pack out everything you pack in.