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Window of Opportunity Webinar

A Cleaner, Greener Future for Delaware with Offshore Wind

Several wind turbines spin in a row in the middle of the ocean.
Offshore Wind Join us May 29th for a webinar where we discuss a cleaner, greener future for Delaware with offshore wind. © Red Vault


Event Overview


You're invited to join us for a FREE virtual conversation on the science and policy of offshore wind deployment along the Delaware coast, featuring a TNC panel of experts:

Lori Brennan Executive Director, DE/PA
Judy Dunscomb Senior Conservation Scientist, VA
Tricia K. Jedele, Esq. Offshore Wind Policy Manager
Emily Knearl Director of Government Relations, DE

Audience members will be invited to submit questions for the panelists during the session.

Offshore wind offers an opportunity to bring about an era of 100% renewable energy and create a cleaner, greener and more prosperous future for Delaware.


The sun sets over an ocean with several wind turbines.
Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm The sun sets behind a coastal wind farm at Hornsea. © Arild/Adobe Stock