Senior Director, Sustainable Water Impact Fund
Eric Hallstein Senior Director, Sustainable Water Impact Fund © TNC

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Eric Hallstein

Deputy Managing Director (Water), NatureVest

San Francisco, California

  • Areas of Expertise

    economics, investing, water-energy-food nexus


Dr. Eric Hallstein developed and leads The Nature Conservancy’s partnership with Renewable Resources Group in the Sustainable Water Impact Fund, a $900+ million equity fund that invests globally in sustainable land and water assets. Previously at TNC, as a Chief Economist and Director of Conservation Investments, Dr. Hallstein led TNC California’s work in economics, conservation finance and transactions. Outside of TNC, Eric chairs the advisory council for the Conservation Finance Network. Eric started his career with the Boston Consulting Group and has 20+ years of experience in technology startups, venture capital, private equity, strategy consulting, conservation, climate change science and policy, and management, at for-profits and non-profits. He has published in Science Advances and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, among others. He and his teams’ work has also been featured in a variety of news outlets, including The New York Times, Fast Company, the Economist, Forbes and National Geographic. Dr. Hallstein earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group where he was a National Science Foundation Fellow, and his B.A. in East Asian Studies—Japan from Harvard University.

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