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Nature Lab is The Nature Conservancy's youth curriculum platform.

A young girl looks through binoculars directly at the camera.
Connect With Nature Middle school children birdwatch and learn about the species of birds during the First State National Park's Bioblitz outside Wilmington, Delaware. On May 20 and 21, 2016, the Nature Conservancy and the National Parks Service partnered with National Geographic to execute the First State National Park's first Bioblitz. Over the course of the two-day event, over 800 observations were recording and more than 300 species were identified. More than 30 volunteers, 200 middle and high school students, and 100 community members participated in nature walks, species inventories and educational science experiments. © Devan King/TNC

Nature is the fantastic factory that makes the building blocks of all our lives—food, drinking water, the stuff we own and the air we breathe. That’s why The Nature Conservancy and its 1000+ scientists have created Nature Lab: to help students learn the science behind how nature works for us and how we can help keep it running strong.


Get Kids Outside This Fall

Discover fun and simple activities to help the children in your life explore nature this autumn.


Less Harm on the Farm: Regenerative Agriculture

Food is more than something we eat to survive; it's a part of how we thrive. Learn how regenerative agriculture can help us feed a growing population while restoring nature. Farmers and scientists show us how, together, we can turn one of today's biggest challenges into our greatest opportunity: a food system that goes beyond sustainability and creates positive growth for communities and the planet.

Less Harm on the Farm: Regenerative Agriculture (23:29) Embark on a captivating journey through the history of agriculture and its groundbreaking revolutions and uncover the secrets of modern regenerative practices. Join us in this educational adventure to discover the sustainable future of farming!

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Nature Lab at Home!

Grades 3-8 | Use our week-long thematic family guides to lead at-home enrichment activities! With videos and learning activities, including a weekly hands-on project to get outside safely, kids can explore nature right in their community. Download individual weekly guides below.

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