Pink, white, and brown birds stand in water and on grasses beside the water.
Wading birds, Shamrock Island State and federal laws prohibit landing on the island to protect the nesting birds. © Erika Nortemann/The Nature Conservancy

Transforming Business Practices


Exploring and Harnessing Nature’s Role as a Problem Solver


Since 2009, Shell and the Conservancy have worked to find effective and innovative ways to address global and local environmental challenges. The collaboration with Shell seeks to advance conservation and sustainable management and use of natural resources through integrating the Conservancy’s science and conservation expertise into Shell’s business practices.

Key highlights from Shell’s support to the Conservancy and our efforts together include:

  • Helping the company to reduce its impacts on nature by developing science and tools to apply the mitigation hierarchy in places where the company operates. Additionally, we have collaborated on work to understand the role that natural infrastructure could play in enhancing coastal resilience.
  • Our work together is also focused on addressing one of the most important conservation challenges facing our generation and those to come – climate change. Using the Conservancy’s research on natural climate solutions, this work aims to develop business strategies for the company that apply these solutions to help reduce the net carbon impact of the company’s products. The collaboration with Shell demonstrates the Conservancy’s commitment to work across sectors to create the right policy, economic and business conditions for a comprehensive approach to scale natural climate solutions.
  • With support from Shell, the Conservancy launched an online web portal that contains important information about migratory species in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Housing details on fish, sea turtles, mammals and birds, the tool quickly provides decision-makers with information on migration patterns and possible threats to the species.