If Trees Could Sing - Taylor Hicks & Sweetbay Magnolia
Taylor Hicks talks about the sweetbay magnolia © Denise Truscello

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If Trees Could Sing: Taylor Hicks & the Sweetbay Magnolia

Taylor Hicks talks about the sweetbay magnolia and the benefits that trees provide us.

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks is known for his rough-around-the-edges soulful voice and his distinctive blend of country, R&B and rock. He charmed America in 2006 when he became the winning singer on the fifth season of American Idol. He currently has recorded four albums and has a long-term performing residency in Las Vegas as well as regular touring dates across the U.S.

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Taylor Hicks Taylor Hicks talks about the sweetbay magnolia for The nature Conservancy's "If Trees Could Sing" video series.

Sweetbay Magnolia Facts

  • Scientific name: Magnolia virginiana
  • Range: the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast states and into Tennessee
  • Height: up to 60 feet tall
  • Fruit: conelike clusters of bright red seeds
  • Flowers: creamy white with a strong vanilla scent
  • Semi-Evergreen: this tree retains its leaves year-round in the South, but loses them in the North

You Can Take Care of Trees Like the Sweetbay Magnolia

  • Plant in late fall or winter when the tree is dormant, unless the ground is frozen. 
  • Allow plenty of room for the tree to mature and grow.
  • Water regularly in its first three years.
  • Spread mulch around the base of the tree. 

Mighty Cool Tree Fact

Did you know... 25% of our nation's tree canopy is in our backyards and cities?