Stories in South Dakota

Hunting Opportunities at TNC Preserves

Hunter walking through tall grasses with a rifle in hand.
Hunter Duck hunter traverses a wetland area. © Joe Blastick/TNC

Hunting opportunities abound in South Dakota, as we have a longstanding reputation as a world-class destination for sportspeople.  

Hunting is an important part of South Dakota’s history, culture and economy. Hunters and anglers were among the earliest conservationists in the environmental movement and continue to support wildlife conservation through hunting license fees and taxes.

The Nature Conservancy provides hunting opportunities at our Ordway and Whitney preserves in South Dakota.  Portions of these preserve are enrolled in the Walk-In Area and CHAP programs administered by South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks.

With conversion and development taking an increasing toll on natural lands, coupled with increased public interest in hunting opportunities, the availability of suitable hunting lands is declining.

Places like Samuel H. Ordway, Jr. Memorial Preserve and Whitney Preserve protect important habitat that game species and other wildlife need to survive.  An added bonus is that these places provide opportunities for South Dakotans young and old to enjoy hunting and other recreational activities.