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Healthy Forests=Clean Water=Good Beer

A glass of beer sits on a rock with a waterfall behind it.
Beer-Forest-Water If you like beer, you should love forests. ©

If you like beer, you should love forests.

Development, wildfires, pests and a changing climate threaten our forests and beer's main ingredient—water.

The Nature Conservancy and the Hershey-based Tröegs Independent Brewing are working together to conserve Pennsylvania’s forest and water resources  to raise awareness for the role healthy forests play in filtering water, beer’s main ingredient. The partnership focuses on conserving the Kittatinny Ridge, Pennsylvania’s most important migratory corridor for birds and animals. These efforts are taking form in a variety of ways.

  • We celebrate OktoberForest with a variety of events. During 2019, this includes a participation at the Tröegs Harvest HopFest
  • Tröegs has created a limited-edition beer—Trail Day—to support the company's Kittatinny Fund dedicated to conserving this important natural area.
  • In honor of Earth Day, we give away 100 trees in recycled Tröegs beer cans. 
  • We co-sponsored a nature inspired mural as part of the 2019 HBG Mural Fest at a location that is directly across the street from the state capitol building.  
TNC-Tröegs Celebrate "Trail Day" The Nature Conservancy and Hershey, PA-based partner, Tröegs Independent Brewing are excited about a limited edition pale ale that supports healthy forests key to clean water and also, good beer!

Both organizations appreciate the relevance America’s forests have for clean water, and also a brewery’s bottom line. In fact, 95 percent of beer is water, and more than half of America’s water comes from our forests.

America’s forests improve the quality, and quantity, of water supplies in many ways—shading streams and lakes to prevent evaporation; filtering sediment and pollution; and securing soil so it can store water like a sponge,” says Josh Parrish, director of TNC’s Working Woodlands program, which engages forest landowners in sustainably managing productive forestlands to benefit wildlife and people.

A collection of trees are planted in recycled beer cans.
Earth Day Oaks The Nature Conservancy and Tröegs Independent Brewery gave out 100 Scarlet Oak trees in honor of Earth Day 2019. © Courtesy/Tröegs Independent Brewing

Recently, forests have become threatened by more severe fires, drought and increased pest damage. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that about half of its forested lands are in need of restoration in order to maintain natural benefits for people, water and wildlife. 

“We have 250 co-workers at Tröegs and thousands and thousands of beer lovers traveling to our brewery every year,” says founding brother Chris Trogner. “Part of having a strong team and a healthy business is taking responsibility for the places where our co-workers and fans live, work and play.”

His brother, brewmaster John Trogner, adds, “Water is by far the biggest ingredient in beer. It’s the canvas that we paint on, and without a reliably clean and healthy source of water, great beer simply isn’t possible. We’re excited to be partnering with TNC.”

Watch a one-minute video highlighting the connections between healthy forests, water and beer. 

An artist stands on a lift to paint a colorful mural.
Nature Mural The Nature Conservancy and Tröegs Independent Brewing co-sponsored a mural that features wildlife from the Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania. © Sprocket Mural Works
A black and white Tröegs logo.
Tröegs Independent Brewing Tröegs Independent Brewing is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. © Courtesy/Tröegs Independent Brewing

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1996 by brothers John and Chris Trogner, Tröegs Independent Brewing is driven by a sense of adventure and curiosity. From the beginning, the brewery has been built by family, friends and kindred spirits who share a love of great beer. 

Resistant to fit into any specific category, the folks at Tröegs take bits and pieces from English ale, German lager and other traditions to explore and develop new varieties of great-tasting beer. Bringing their beers and homemade snacks to life involves securing local ingredients from producers who become business associates and also friends. As Central Pennsylvania natives, Chris and John Trogner endeavor to make a positive impact by supporting local vendors, producers and causes they believe will collectively help the region to flourish. They pursue these relationships from their little corner of the beer world in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

Two men drink beer at a brewery.
Tröegs Independent Brewing Brothers Chris and john Trogner founded the Hershey, PA-based Tröegs Independent Brewing. © Jeff Benzon

Come find us and celebrate OktoberForest at these upcoming events: 

  • Bloktoberfest
    Washington Ave from Broad to 17th in Philadelphia
    Saturday, September 28
    noon-5 p.m.
  • Harvest Hopfest
    Troegs Independent Brewing in Hershey
    Sunday, October 6
    11 a.m.-3 p.m.
    Note: TNC will be the sole partner tabling on this day in the beer garden, near live music and themed activities, to promote our Oktoberforest campaign and celebrate the limited release of ‘Trail Day."
  • Sacred Vice Brewing Company
    3233 Amber Street in Philadelphia
    Saturday, October 26
    1 p.m.-6 p.m.
Four people pose in blue teeshirts.
Pennsylvania OktoberForest TNC's Pennsylvania staff gathers at Tröegs Independent Brewing's Harvest Hopfest. © The Nature Conservancy
A tree trunk surrounded by a forest floor of moss and leaves.
Hemlock Forest Hemlock trees shade the forest floor at The Nature Conservancy's Woodbourne Forest Preserve in Pennsylvania. © George C. Gress

Support Pennsylvania Forests

Our forests clean and filter water for all Pennsylvanians.