Oregon Climate Action

We must take action now to enact policies that reduce carbon emissions and keep climate change in check.

Central Oregon Prescribed Fire Planned fires pave the way for safer communities and fire-adapted ecosystems restored to a healthier, more resilient condition. © Julia Amato/The Nature Conservancy

Climate change is upon us and the impacts are already being felt in Oregon, from catastrophic wildfires to reduced snowpack and longer droughts.

There is a path to a better future but we must take action now to enact policies that will combat climate change and ensure that our air is safe to breathe, our water is safe to drink and that our communities continue to thrive. Putting a price on carbon would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create clean energy and other good-paying jobs and restore our forests, rivers and streams.

Sparks Lake, Oregon Along the beautiful Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway © Paul Carew

Quote: Catherine MacDonald

How quickly we act to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions will have profound effects on the health and prosperity of businesses, communities and ecosystems in Oregon and around the world. There is simply no time to waste.

Director of Climate Mitigation Strategy for TNC & Longtime Oregonian
Lake in Oregon Lake in an enchanted forest near McCall, OR © Angela Reed