Big Darby Creek Headwaters
Big Darby Creek Headwaters Skunk Cabbage at the Big Darby Creek Headwaters © Randall Schieber

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Ohio Mitigation Program - Submit Site as a Potential Restoration Project

The Conservancy is actively looking for potential stream and wetland mitigation sites to be restored and permanently protected.

Potential properties may be proposed by regulatory or advisory agencies, localities, and other conservation organizations.

Funds generated from credit sales are held by our financial partner, the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA), in an interest-generating account until a project is implemented by the Conservancy. All credit sales are tracked by the Primary Service Area where the impacts occurred, and there is a high preference to develop the restoration sites in the same Primary Service Area as the impacts. 

The Conservancy encourages organizations with an interest in stream and wetland restoration or conservation to propose potential properties for consideration and funding, especially sites within the watersheds in which we have sold mitigation credits and therefore have funding available (see below). The intent of the program is to help pay for acquisition costs and fully fund the design, construction, monitoring, and long-term management of the projects. In most cases the Conservancy will own the land or conservation easement for 5-10 years until the restoration is complete. Afterwards the ownership and long-term management endowment can be transferred to another conservation entity.

Below are the Primary Service Areas where the OMP has immediate funds to develop restoration projects:

Huron Vermillion (04100012)

Black-Rocky (04110001)

Chagrin-Ashtabula (04110003)

Cuyahoga (041110002)

Conneaut (04120101)

Mahoning (05030103)

Upper Ohio-Wheeling (05030106)

Little Muskingum (05030201)

Tuscarawas (05040001)

Lower Great Miami River (05080002)

Ohio Brush-White Oak (05090201)

Little Miami River (05090202)

A site evaluation checklist has been developed that is used to objectively score potential projects. Learn more here about who selects projects and how they are selected.