A stream runs through a rocky landscape.
Strait Creek Prairie Bluffs: An instream woody habitat feature was installed at the stream restoration site. © Kat Crowley/TNC

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Ohio Stream and Wetland In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program (OMP)

Request Stream or Wetland Mitigation Credits

The Nature Conservancy has mitigation credits available to meet the needs of the regulated community.

Regulatory agencies determine whether a permit applicant can use the OMP as their mitigation option, and the amount of credits they require. OMP is a state-wide mitigation program; however, there are a limited number of credits available for each watershed and resource type. Pricing for credits are available here. These credits are considered second in the preferential hierarchy established by the 2008 mitigation rule, which means that there is a regulatory preference for any mitigation bank credits that are available in the area of impact.


  • Allows applicants to pay the fee "in lieu of" performing their own mitigation and maintaining it for 5-10 years.
  • Reduces permitting time and costs.
  • Transfers all mitigation obligations to The Nature Conservancy.
  • Provides a one-stop mitigation opportunity for both stream and wetland impacts.


The process to purchase credits from the OMP is briefly outlined as follows:

  • Applicant completes and submits an Initial Credit Request Form to The Nature Conservancy. 
  • If credits are available in the appropriate service area, The Nature Conservancy will issue a Letter of Credit Availability and Reservation.
  • Applicant submits Letter of Credit Availability and Reservation with their permit documents to the regulatory agencies.
  • When the applicant is ready to purchase the mitigation credits, generally once the permit has been issued, the applicant must complete a Final Credit Request Form (template provided by the Conservancy).  This will reflect any changes since the initial request and the final mitigation requirements of the permit.
  • Applicant sends the Final Credit Request Form and full payment to TNC. TNC signs the Form and sends it back to the Applicant along with a Payment Voucher which the Applicant can use to satisfy their permitting requirements.

For credit availability, pricing, voucher submission or payment contact Dana Ohman.


As sponsor of the OMP, The Nature Conservancy has the discretion not to sell mitigation credits for impacts to our conservation priorities in the state.  While TNC has exercised this discretion extremely infrequently in our other mitigation programs, we stress it here simply to give members of the regulated community advance notice that they should contact us early in the process to ensure that The Nature Conservancy can, in fact, satisfy their mitigation needs.