Each and every New Yorker can help fight climate change right now.
Action-Taking New Yorker Each and every New Yorker can help fight climate change right now. © Getty Images

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We Need New Yorkers

Be courageous and join us in the fight against climate change.

We need New Yorkers to join us in the fight against climate change.
Climate-Fighting New Yorker We need New Yorkers to join us in the fight against climate change. © Stocksy

Our climate is changing, and we’re already living with the effects. Droughts. Heavy rains and flooding. Rising seas along our coasts. Sweltering city temperatures. Climate change can seem like an overwhelming problem, but we have solutions available right now.

New York State just passed the most aggressive climate legislation in the United States. This new law is serious about fighting climate change. It will drastically cut pollution, build more clean energy locally and invest in communities that have been harmed by fossil fuels.

This powerful law shows that New Yorkers are ambitious. But fighting climate change requires more than ambition. It takes courage. Now that the bill has been passed, the real work begins, and it’s going to take all of us. Everyone has an important role to play in slowing global warming, protecting our friends and families, and creating a world where we can all thrive. The Nature Conservancy works hand-in-hand with partners across New York and around the world to solve the climate crisis, and you can too. 

1. Reduce Carbon Pollution

First and foremost, we need to reduce carbon pollution, the driving force behind climate change. You can start reducing your carbon footprint now. There are so many ways we can reduce pollution and help conserve the planet we love. Consider how you live and start making changes where you can. For instance, can you:

  • Reduce how much food you throw away?
  • Buy fewer things new? Shop locally and carry reusable bags?
  • Reduce your meat consumption or choose local, pasture-raised beef?

2. Use Your Voice

Second, use your voice. We need leaders at every level and in every institution to fight climate change like our lives depend on it…because they do! We need climate-fighting champions in government, schools, your workplace, our leading universities and our top corporations. And we need you to push them to be strongest leaders they can be.

  • Speak up where you work and where you live. Push for better policies–those that cut pollution, conserve our resources and prepare our communities before disasters strike.
  • Call or write your elected officials and urge them to make fighting climate change one of their top priorities.
  • Vote for candidates who are serious about fighting climate change now.

3. Learn About Solutions Available Now

Third, learn about the solutions we have right now to address climate change, including the secret power of nature. Nature—including wetlands, dunes and marshes—provides numerous benefits to people that you might not know about. How? By slowing down floodwaters and acting as a shield, protecting people and places during storms. By keeping our drinking water clean. By taking carbon pollution out of the atmosphere. Too often, solutions found in nature are left out of the conversation. Learn more about the power of nature and how we’re combining science, conservation and policy to solve the biggest challenges we face today.