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Group picture of TNC staff in an outdoor setting smiling at camera with arms raised.
Helping New York Thrive New York team members pose for a photo at the fall 2019 all-team retreat. © Holly Greene/Out of the Ordinary Photography

Stories in New York

Meet Our Team

Meet some of the people who are working to create a world where all of nature, humanity included, thrives in New York and beyond.

Bill Ulfelder headshot, Executive Director for The Nature Conservancy in New York.
Bill Ulfelder © Jonathan Grassi

Bill Ulfelder, Executive Director

With Bill's leadership, The Nature Conservancy in New York is raising unprecedented resources, investing in cutting-edge science, connecting with new audiences and increasing awareness of key environmental issues. The Conservancy in New York team, guided by Bill, is deeply committed to developing a culture that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable for team members, trustees and partners. Bill serves on the Executive Council and North America Cabinet for The Nature Conservancy.


Woman with brunette hair in center of frame smiling at camera wearing a white top and a gold and silver necklace.
AnneMarie Blancato © AnneMarie Blancato/TNC

AnneMarie Blancato, Director of Finance and Operations

AnneMarie oversees the financial health of The Nature Conservancy in New York, which entails developing, monitoring and balancing the operating and capital budgets; tracking long-range plans; and aligning efforts with other departments to prepare and track business plans. AnneMarie has successfully established and executed vision, maintained synergy with Board members and developed effective strategies and plans since she joined The Nature Conservancy in 2019. In 2020, she was recruited to serve on the Director of Finance Operations Cabinet for The Nature Conservancy.


Man smiling at the camera wearing glasses and a navy shirt.
Stuart Gruskin © Stuart Gruskin/TNC

Stuart Gruskin, Chief Conservation and External Affairs Officer

Stu is responsible for developing and supervising implementation of our conservation and policy work, as well as guiding the Conservancy’s Cities Network across the United States. He is particularly interested in how we can apply methods of innovation from other sectors to accelerate and enhance our conservation impacts.


Woman smiling to the camera wearing a black blazer, white shirt and silver necklace and bracelet with arms crossed in front.
Sandy Humphrey © Sandy Humphrey/TNC

Sandy Humphrey, Director of Talent

Sandy provides strategic Human Resource guidance to the New York Division and the broader Nature Conservancy, and brings a global perspective to ensure the organizational structure and talent of New York are optimized. She is committed to the evolution of the culture; diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice efforts; and developing the team into strong leaders and contributors. 


Woman with blonde hair smiling at camera wearing a blue sleeveless, patterned top with green trees in background.
Laura Leinweber © Jonathan Grassi

Laura Leinweber, Senior Marketing Director

Laura Leinweber serves as Senior Marketing Director where she directs marketing and communications for The Nature Conservancy in New York to raise the profile of the Conservancy and engage, inspire, and grow support and influence for the organization’s mission and work. She is an advisor to The Nature Conservancy in Europe, providing marketing and communications strategy and counsel to raise brand profile and mobilize funding. She also serves on the New York Executive Team and Global Marketing and Communications Leadership Team and is currently participating in an extensive executive leadership training with Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.


Woman with blonde hair smiling at camera with red lipstick, blue short-sleeved shirt and silver necklace.
Jan Mittan © Jan Mittan/TNC

Jan Mittan, Chief Development Officer

Jan led the New York Division in surpassing its $350M ‘Our World’ campaign goal. As a global wealth and influence market, Jan continues to lead the New York development team in its philanthropic endeavors for New York and global priorities as well as overseeing development for the Caribbean Division and fundraising for the India Program in the eastern United States.


New York Board Members

Chair: Susannah S. Kagan

Dr. Shorna Allred • James A. Attwood, Jr. • Fazena Bacchus • Richard S. Berry • Jason E. Bordoff • Daniel C. Chung • Jerome Cunningham • Laurie Dann • Anne R. Erni • Samuel V. Howe • Hannah Jaris • Beverly Kazickas • Scott Kleinman • Nathaniel J. Klipper • Eric Krasnoff • Eiichiro Kuwana •  J.P. Maheu • Jennifer Maritz • Donald Mullen • Yoan Dipita N'Komba • Patricia H. Nadosy, Ph.D. • Inosi M. Nyatta • Daniel D. O'Neill • Jesse SanGiovanni • John F. Savarese • Laurie Saylak • William D. Solecki, Ph.D. • Emily Steinberg (NY Leadership Council Chair and Ex-Officio Board member) • Sabra C. Turnbull • Sarah M. Underhill • Charles M. Zegar

Chair Emeritus: Joseph H. Gleberman