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New York's Future Building a clean energy economy while protecting natural resources. © Nexamp

Stories in New York

New York Leads on Conservation and Clean Energy

Building a clean energy economy while protecting natural resources.

In response to global warming, New York State set nation-leading goals to create a safer energy future and cut the pollution that causes climate change. The Nature Conservancy works with decision makers, partners and communities to shape and advocate for robust environmental funding and polices to advance the responsible development of renewable energy and the protection of the natural resources on which we all depend.


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    A Bright Future Requires Strong & Steady Environmental Leadership

    The Nature Conservancy works across New York and around the world to protect clean water, reduce pollution, preserve wildlife habitat and help communities prepare for the effects of climate change. Watch the video.

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    New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Approve 2022 Environmental Bond Act

    NY voters deserve a shout-out for their support of a once-in-a-generation bond measure that will safeguard clean water, reduce pollution, protect farms and forests, and restore wildlife habitat while creating good jobs and revitalizing neighborhoods. Learn more about the campaign.

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    State Lawmakers Expand Wetland Protections in Landmark Conservation Victory

    In the 2023 state budget, the Governor and Legislature increased state protections for freshwater wetlands, which were at risk of being lost forever. An important habitat, wetlands trap pollution, clean our air and water, and prevent flooding. Read our story.

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    A Bright Future for Plum Island

    Coalition wins key chance to preserve a secluded island and its many stories. Learn more about Plum Island’s intriguing history and exceptional wildlife. Read our story.

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    New York Enacts Strongest Climate Change Legislation in the United States

    New York signed into law nation-leading climate legislation, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, that will drastically cut carbon pollution and safeguard New York’s ambitious clean energy program. Read our statement.

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    The Return of the Most Important Fish in the Sea

    As part of a diverse coalition of fishers, scientists and environmentalists, The Nature Conservancy helped secure protections for menhaden, a fish that serves as a primary food source for everything from striped bass and sea birds to whales. Read our story.


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    Turbine Reefs: New Approach to Designing Offshore Wind Power

    Ocean experts show that opportunities for new reefs and clean energy go hand in hand. Read our report.

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    Long Island Solar Roadmap

    This new report and webmap demonstrates how Long Island could increase solar energy generation and reduce carbon pollution. Crucially, the roadmap finds that these solar installations can be deployed without negatively affecting natural areas. Check out our roadmap.

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    Accelerating Large-Scale Wind and Solar Energy in New York

    Meeting New York State’s goal of getting 70 percent of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030 will require a rapid build-out of solar and wind power across New York. Our report with the Alliance for Clean Energy New York shows how. Read our report.


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    Our Clean Energy Future: A Toolkit for Supporting Solar and Wind Projects

    Community involvement and support is critical for New York to transition to a clean energy economy. The Building Our Clean Energy Future: A Toolkit for Supporting Solar and Wind Projects, developed by TNC and New Yorkers for Clean Power, details how. Download our toolkit.

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    Uplands Farm Sanctuary

    The Uplands Farm Sanctuary completed an energy makeover to become TNC’s first carbon neutral office in New York. This ambitious project includes rooftop solar, an electric vehicle charging station and energy efficiency upgrades. Explore our Uplands Farm Sanctuary.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about inspiring TNC leaders who have helped shape and secure landmark victories for conservation and clean energy.

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    Jessica Ottney Mahar

    Director, Policy & Strategy in New York. Meet Jess.

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    Echo Cartwright

    Director, Climate Mitigation in New York. Meet Echo.