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Blog: New Hampshire Voters Support Climate Action

The science is clear and compelling. Granite Staters want solutions. The time for climate action is now.

Tackling the climate challenge is a priority for The Nature Conservancy – and for the vast majority of Granite Staters.

For years, we have been working with partners to increase the pace and scale of well-sited renewable energy in our state, including solar and offshore wind. We are engaging with cities and towns to help adapt their infrastructure to the realities of a changing climate. We are using our voice with elected leaders in both Concord and Washington D.C. to advance tangible and lasting policy solutions.

Today, we can take a strong step forward in meeting the urgency of the moment. Congress is right now debating meaningful climate legislation that can put our country on the right path.

The Nature Conservancy recently completed a survey of voters throughout New Hampshire to assess their views on the Build Back Better Act. The study found nearly six-in-ten voters support the proposal to invest in a range of programs from health care to childcare and policies that address climate change and transition to cleaner energy. Importantly, the survey shows there is strong bipartisan recognition in New Hampshire that climate change is happening, and addressing it is an urgent priority.

The science is clear and compelling. Granite Staters want solutions.  The time for climate action is now.

That is why The Nature Conservancy is calling on our New Hampshire congressional delegation to continue standing with the strong majority of Granite Staters and push hard to make climate a priority in ongoing budget negotiations.

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We already know that most Granite Staters understand that we have a responsibility to future generations to take steps now to preserve our climate and help ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy our rivers, wildlife, the natural beauty of our lands, and our outdoor traditions much as we do today.

This survey provided reliable data on the pulse of our state including:

  • 78% believe climate change is happening and 62% believe addressing climate change is a very important priority for our country.
  • 78% of Granite Staters agree that restoring forests is vital to help reduce air pollution, provide fresh water, and store carbon.
  • 70% of residents agree that we should be providing incentives to transition to more solar and other clean energy sources.
  •  73% believe in providing job training and transition assistance to traditional energy workers.
  • 70% of the state agrees that it is imperative that the government act to reduce carbon pollution emissions that contribute to climate change.

The fact is, producing more clean energy and investing in making businesses and homes more energy efficient will mean hundreds of thousands of good jobs and less pollution in our air and water, and that's good for our families and our future.

We are pleased to see this survey confirm that Granite Staters are concerned about climate change and recognize the need for solutions and hope that you will join us to take action now and let our congressional delegation know you support the climate provisions within the Build Back Better plan.

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