Four people sit together at a mountain overlook. There arms are linked around each others necks as they lean in and post together.
Youth In Nature No matter what age, there's something for everyone out in nature. © 2008 Amy Deputy Photography

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The Future of Nature: Connecting People and Nature

Working together to turn values into action.

Two smiling woman stand together during a volunteer event. Each of them hold burlap wrapped bundles of young tree saplings.
Giving Back Volunteers plant trees at the Conservancy's Lamprey River Preserve in Durham, NH. © Megan Latour/TNC

No question about it—Granite Staters are passionate when it comes to protecting the natural world. We hike, fish, swim and hunt, and for generations, we’ve depended on nature to sustain us. A recent survey finds that three quarters of us support environmental policies—or feel they should be strengthened. But too often our public decision-making does not reflect these core values. Instead, we face a growing disconnect between passion and practice, putting years of conservation progress at risk.

The future of nature depends on our ability to build a broader constituency—a committed team of advocates who understand the priceless benefits of healthy lands and waters, people willing to raise their voices for conservation. Elected officials and academics, industry leaders and community organizers, hikers and hunters, rural residents and urban dwellers, young and old—it’s going to take all of us.

A person stands on a snow dusted overlook, looking out at the shadowy valley below.
What a View A hiker takes in the vista from Peaked Mountain at the Green Hills Preserve in North Conway, NH. © Ben Herndon for TNC

The Solution

There’s still time to close the gap between rhetoric and reality, to connect people and nature—to inspire action. This campaign will help us to broaden the constituency for conservation in three important ways:

  • Bring our trusted voice to the public policy table. In Concord and in Washington, our reputation for sound science and collaborative solutions enables us to work with legislators on both sides of the political aisle, shaping policy that will affect our land and water for generations.
  • Ensure better opportunities for people to engage with nature—exploring our preserves, discovering the power of citizen science and pitching in at community events.
  • Expand our internship programs to help cultivate the next generation of conservation leaders—enthusiastic champions for nature committed to turning values into action.

With your support, we've got what it takes today to connect people and nature for a better tomorrow.

Creating Equal Access The All Persons Trail at Manchester Cedar Swamp Preserve provides opportunities for people of all abilities to get outside and connect with nature. © Riveo Creative/The Nature Conservancy

Help Raise Nature's Voice from a Whisper to a Roar

In New Hampshire, we’re especially proud of our ability to grow conservationists— devoted champions for nature and new leaders for our natural world. Be a part of the movement.