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Aravaipa Canyon Preserve Julianne Stasch uses her iPhone to photograph foliage while hiking in Aravaipa Canyon Preserve, AZ from east entrance. © Justin Bailie/tandemstock.com

Stories in New Hampshire

Be A Citizen Scientist!

You can participate in collecting valuable data to assist with conservation and management efforts at our preserves just by using your smartphone or camera!

TNC preserves serve not only as unique places to hike and explore, but also as living laboratories for student education and scientific study. Research adds tremendous value to our work and isn’t limited to students and scientists. You can also participate in collecting valuable data to assist with our conservation and management efforts just by using your smartphone or camera! 

While on your preserve hike, help us learn more about the plants and animals on the preserve by documenting what you see. Here’s how! 


Find a cool plant at one of our preserves? See a nifty bird? Not sure what you’ve found and want confirmation? Record your observations on our iNaturalist page. Not only will you connect with other nature lovers and explore the incredible diversity of life here in New Hampshire, but your findings will help support our conservation efforts in the state. Find our project on the app (Apple Store or Google Play) or at iNaturalist.org

Picture Posts

NOTE: The Picture Post Project is currently suspended. We hope the project finds a new home!

Now you can help monitor environmental changes to our preserves using your smartphone or digital camera! Funded by NASA and managed locally by the University of New Hampshire, the Picture Post Project is a citizen science program that harnesses the collective power of digital photography to observe and understand changes to landscapes over time. Participating is easy! Just place your smartphone or camera on each of the eight sides of the picture post platform, snap a photo, and upload them to the Picture Post website. Picture Posts are currently installed at Manchester Cedar Swamp Preserve, Green Hills Preserve, Ossipee Pine Barrens and Lubberland Creek Preserve, where imagery will help us monitor how saltmarsh responds to environmental changes like a shifting climate and sea level rise. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera handy! Check out a full list of Picture Post locations throughout the Granite State. 

Our Preserves Have Gone Social!
Other Engagement Opportunities

In addition to citizen science, here are a few other fun ways to engage with our trails and other visitors to our preserves. 


Many of our popular trails are now on the AllTrails, which uses smartphones to connect outdoor enthusiasts with each other and the world around them. Through the app you can search for our preserves, record your visit and share comments about your experience out on the trail. Look us up on the app (Apple Store or Google Play) or at alltrails.com

Trail Finder

Trail Finder is a tool to help people get out, get active and explore the beauty of New Hampshire and Vermont. We’re continuing to add our trail network to Trail Finder, so check back often to see what’s new!