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Project Oasis Volunteer Day TNC staff and volunteers plant trees at Jubilee Community Church © Kristy Stoyer/TNC

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Missouri Action and Impact

How your support is making positive impacts to communities and nature across Missouri.

Adam McClane.
Adam McLane Missouri State Director © Kristy Stoyer/TNC

We have a saying around our (virtual) watercooler in Missouri…hope is not a strategy. As a leader of a science-based organization, I get it—I do. We base our conservation strategies and goals on data, research and facts. We have metrics that tell us the percentage of pollutants we need to reduce from our waterways and how many tons of carbon need we need to offset. Data. Research. Facts.

However, I challenge you to read through our Action and Impact reports and not find hope. 

In 2021 we created a map—filled with data—that will help drive resources to communities who have been underserved for decades when it comes to environmental and socioeconomic opportunities. This map is hope.

We’re working on a playbook to help guide communities who have been ravaged by repetitive floods to seek new solutions—solutions that are backed by science and demonstrated as a new levee in northwest Missouri. That playbook is hope.

In southwest Missouri, we’re working with partners to replace low-water crossings that can be hazardous to the rural communities who rely on them for medical and emergency services. Those crossings are also impeding fish migration and spawning. To those rural communities and fish populations, the new crossings are hope.

My list could go on.

So, I get it. We do not and cannot rely on hope as a strategy because hope by itself won’t work on the urgent issues our environment is facing, but paired with strategic action, hope can be a beautiful partner and motivator.

I’ve been with The Nature Conservancy for 13 years, many of you have been with us longer. On behalf of our staff and trustees, I thank you for your dedicated support of our work in Missouri. Your partnership and trust that we use the right combination of science and hope continues to push us forward and inspires us to think globally and locally.

Adam McLane
Missouri State Director

2022 Strategies & Solutions: 5-Year Impact Report

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