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Bay scallop restoration in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. © Lauren Owens Lambert

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Shellfish like oysters and scallops are an important part of the local seafood industry; they’re also key players of a clean coastal ecosystem. In 2017, the Conservancy began collaborating with The Massachusetts Aquaculture Association and the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance to develop the Massachusetts Shellfish Initiative (MSI).

The goal of the work is to strengthen Massachusetts’ shellfish resources, benefiting the local economy and the environment.

Those in the restoration community, including the Conservancy, are partnering with farmers, fishermen and other sectors involved in shellfish to develop several short, medium and long-term goals and a statewide strategic plan to achieve those goals.

While this new collaboration is still in the outreach and information-gathering stage, the hope is that, starting in 2018, it will address the many opportunities and challenges facing Massachusetts shellfish interests.