A person riding a horse in a field.
The Scout A lone cowboy surveys the sky as a powerful summer storm gathers above the Kansas Flint Hills. The Flint Hills provide some of the world's last large tracts of tallgrass prairie. The rains that come each summer ensure the grass is renewed for the millions of cattle that graze upon it. © Mark Clarke/TNC Photo Contest 2022

Photo Contest

Submit your Kansas photos in The Nature Conservancy's Global Photo Contest for a chance to win local prizes.

The contest officially opens on August 30, 2023.

Show Us Your Best Shot

Grab your camera and head outside to capture the beauty of Kansas! From rolling prairie to geologic wonders, we want to see what you value most about Kansas, one frame at a time.

Whether you're a resident of Kansas or a visitor captivated by the prairie, The Nature Conservancy invites you to showcase your talent, connect with fellow nature enthusiasts and inspire others to protect the Sunflower State's natural wonders by submitting your photos to the 2023 Photo Contest.

In addition to competing for global prizes, photos taken in Kansas will automatically be eligible for local prizes. 

The Photo Contest is open to photographers ages 18 and older. All submissions are due by September 29. 


Kansas Prizes

Kansas Prizes

  • 1st Place

    One First Place winner will receive a private lesser prairie-chicken viewing for six people at Smoky Valley Ranch in April 2024.

  • 2nd Place

    One Second Place winner will receive one-time night access to Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park for sky viewing or photography for six people in 2024.

  • 3rd Place

    One Third Place winner will receive a private guided daytime tour of any Kansas preserve for six people in 2024.

Submissions will also be eligible for global prizes.

Kansas Judges

Meet the Judges

Aerial view of green grass covered hills in the spring.
Flint Hills Need some photo inspiration? Grab your camera and head to Flint Hills or other places TNC protects in Kansas. © Jim Richardson

Still trying to take that perfect shot?

TNC's preserves across Kansas are hotspots for beauty and biodiversity. Visit a preserve today and you might just capture this year's winning image!

Gentle hills covered in brown and orange fall grasses.
The Flint Hills
Scenic Byway
Ranchers & conservationists working together to conserve the last great expanse of tallgrass prairie in the world.
Yellow wildflowers frame endless tallgrass prairie.
Konza Biological Research Stateion
Nature Preserve
Gently sloping hills covered by a blanket of swaying tallgrass greets visitors to Konza Prairie. Come experience this majestic example of tallgrass prairie.
Sun setting on a hilly horizon of lush grass and flowers.
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Nature Preserve
Explore a rare remnant of the expanse of the tallgrass prairie that once covered central North America.
A few strands of tall grass wave above rolling fields.
Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Nature Preserve
This 2,188-acre tallgrass preserve is home to several hundred plant species and numerous bird species, including the greater prairie-chicken and Henslow's sparrow.
Scarlet birds with long curved bill stands in water.
Cheyenne Bottoms Preserve
Nature Preserve
Visit one of the top migrating bird staging areas in the U.S. right here in Kansas. Cheyenne Bottoms hosts tens of thousands of shorebirds and up to 1/4 million waterfowl each year
Three large white birds and one large brown bird standing in a shallow pool of water.
Rattlesnake Creek & Quivira National Wildlife
Wildlife Refuge
TNC is helping farmers use water more efficiently to support the wetlands at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.
Light green yucca flowers growing in front of a barbed wire fence, with red bluffs in the background.
Smoky Valley Ranch
Nature Preserve
Smoky Valley Ranch is a remarkable example of the shortgrass prairie ecosystem in striking landscape of chalk bluffs.
Aerial view of winding river with many sandbars.
Kansas River
TNC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is striking a sustainable balance of human use and river health for the Kansas River.
A view of Niobrara chalk formations and low scrubland from the Overlook Trail at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park in Kansas at sunset.
Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park
State Park
Go back in time at the largest Niobrara chalk formation in Kansas, a mile-long stretch of 100-foot-tall spires and cliffs.
Rugged hills of red soil.
The Red Hills aka Gypsum Hills
Scenic Drive
In south-central Kansas, the Red Hills are marked with beautiful prairie vistas, rich grazing lands, pristine streams and deep red canyon walls.
Western Vistas Historic Byway
Historic Byway
From museums to outdoor adventures, the byway is full of history and scenic views.
Water flowing over natural rock ledge with green trees.
Blue River
Two-thirds of all water in the Kansas City metropolitan area drains into the Blue River. It begins in Johnson County, Kansas, and flows into Missouri.