Volunteers at Kankakee Sands
Volunteers at Kankakee Sands Planting violets at Kankakee Sands Nursery © Alyssa Nyberg/TNC

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Join the dedicated team of volunteers making a difference in Indiana!

Help us preserve the natural riches of the Hoosier State. Volunteer with The Nature Conservancy in Indiana.

The Nature Conservancy was built on the dedication of our members and volunteers. Today we still rely on the support of those who are interested in helping the environment and working with others who share their passion for nature. By contributing your time and skills, you will be making a huge difference on the natural communities we've vowed to protect and preserve.  

Opportunities are available both in the field and in our offices around the state. Volunteer opportunities for 2020 are being scheduled. Please reach out to Cristi Hall for more information on volunteering with us!

Cristi Hall
Phone: 317-829-1822
Email: cristi_hall@tnc.org

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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