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Linde Inc. is supporting TNC’s work in Brazil, Mexico, Belize and the U.S.

Supporting TNC's work in Brazil, Mexico, Belize, Virginia and Connecticut.
Linde, inc Supporting TNC's work in Brazil, Mexico, Belize, Virginia and Connecticut.

This page was updated on September 3, 2020.

Supporting the Conservancy’s work in Brazil, Mexico, Belize and the United States.

Over the past 20 years, Linde, Inc. has provided more than $900,000 to support The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut, Virginia and around the world.

Conservation Highlights

In 2015 and 2016, Linde has continued to provide support to the Conservancy’s work in Mexico, Brazil and Belize.

Linde has been supporting work in Mexico, Brazil and Belize since 2012, when it worked with the Conservancy to help launch Linde’s Greenway Project, a sustainability program committed to planting or preserving a million trees in recognition of its employee zero-waste efforts.

In Mexico, Linde has supported Conservancy restoration activities in Chiapas, where more than 210,000 trees have been planted in 525 acres of riparian and steep-sloped and degraded areas of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas. The restoration work seeks to do such things as protect streams and improve land use to keep generating environmental services and provide income to local populations.

In Brazil, Linde has supported the Conservancy´s Plant a Billion Trees campaign and has backed the restoration of 210,000 trees in the Atlantic Forest. The work is being done on 84 acres in the state of Rio de Janeiro and includes mapping of properties, fencing of areas to be restored, planting of seedlings, monitoring of areas restored and a robust fire prevention brigade.

In Belize, Linde is supporting retirement of verified carbon units from the Conservancy’s Rio Bravo Climate Action Program.

In addition, Linde also purchased 5,000 verified carbon offsets from the Conservancy’s Clifton Farm forest management project in the Clinch Valley in Virginia.

Other Work Supported by Linde

In 2014, Linde contributed to the Conservancy’s LEAF—Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future—paid internship program for high school students.
In 2013, Linde supported the Conservancy’s Water Funds program in its inaugural year. Linde Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Dr. Riva Krut attended the Conservancy’s Monterey Waters Fund launch. She also visited the Conservancy’s Chiapas tree-planting program and the Rio Bravo Climate Action Project (RBCAP) in Belize, where Praxair is buying and retiring carbon credits.  

Starting in 1996 and continuing through 2016, Linde has supported The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut with generous and increasing annual gifts toward the Program’s general operations, including protection and restoration efforts on the Connecticut River and in Long Island Sound, across the Chapter’s preserves throughout the state and various international partnerships, most notably with The Nature Conservancy in Brazil and Africa. Since 2014, Linde’s Global Giving Program has supported these programs. Prior to 2014, Linde support for the Conservancy was through the Linde Foundation.