RachelLowenthal Rachel Lowenthal at Lighthouse Point, New Haven © Andrew Benson/The Nature Conservancy

Stories in Connecticut

Collaborating for Clean Water

Rachel Lowenthal dove into Long Island Sound head first when she joined the Conservancy over the summer—metaphorically speaking. Her mission, as water quality campaign manager, is to build a coalition of community members along Connecticut’s coastline to reduce nitrogen pollution in the Sound. Excess nitrogen can lead to algae blooms that create unsafe water conditions and ultimately kill sea life.

“I was eager to unite a strong base of informed residents and business owners working together for clean water,” says Lowenthal.

She started by working with Holly Drinkuth, director of outreach and watersheds for the Conservancy’s Long Island Sound program. Drinkuth studied public willingness to take action to restore the Sound, and now she and Lowenthal are using the results to develop an advocacy plan that highlights options for clean and healthy waters.

“Nitrogen is a problem that’s often out-of-sight, out-of-mind,” says Lowenthal. “I’m looking forward to helping more people not only understand the issue, but also the many solutions that are available.”