A huge moon rising over snow-capped mountains behind the Denver skyline.
2019 Spring Solstice Super Moon set Denver As I was getting ready for work I was able to capture the Solstice moon set behind downtown Denver and the Colorado Rockies © Sara Hendricks/TNC Photo Contest 2019

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2020 Colorado Ballot Measures

Speak Up for Nature This November

Nature doesn’t get a mail in-ballot!  Give nature a voice and make your vote count on important ballot measures this year. 

Voting is one of the most important actions you can take for nature. This fall, there are several important measures on the ballot around the state of Colorado that have the potential to be big wins for nature. 

Look for one of these measures on your ballot and vote YES for people and nature!

Volunteers pick up trash using grabbers, while standing near a stream and a large culvert.
Cleanup Nature Conservancy Volunteers picking up trash at the Greenway Foundation. © Jason Houston

Protect West Slope Water  

If you live on the West Slope, you can protect the future of West Slope water by voting YES on Question 7A. The Colorado River District is a strong voice for West Slope water as threats like long-term drought and rising temperatures affect our water supply. But without additional funding, the District will have to cut back on its important work. Supporting Question 7A will ensure that West Slope communities and rivers continue to have a secure and stable water supply for generations to come.

Voting YES will raise almost $5 million per year for the Colorado River District to continue to prioritize productive agriculture, infrastructure, healthy rivers, watershed health and water quality, conservation, and efficiency here on the West Slope. 

There’s no simple solution to the complex problems that water management poses in the West. But we’re committed to finding solutions that work for the future of people and our rivers. 

Act on Climate in Denver

Denver voters have the opportunity to lead the state and country on climate action! Measure 2A on Denver’s ballot is to create a Climate Protection Fund that would invest in programs to reduce emissions, which would be funded by a quarter cent sales tax increase. The measure calls for at least 50 percent of funds collected be spent on “communities of color, under resourced communities, and communities most vulnerable to climate change”. This strong focus on climate justice and resilience has the potential to be a national model to compel cities across the country to fund climate action.

The Climate Protection Fund will be managed by the City and County of Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resilience. The fund will create green jobs, invest in renewable energy, boost affordable and clean transportation choices, improve energy efficiency for buildings, and promote neighborhood-based climate justice programs. 

As our climate heats up and impacts like drought and wildfire are more evident in Colorado, it’s more important than ever that we act to fight climate change

Conserve Water in St. Vrain and Left Hand Canyons

Voters in the St. Vrain watershed, which includes Allenspark, Lyons, and Longmont, have the opportunity to support the future of their water.  

The St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District works to develop and manage water projects, facilitate water conservation, protect water quality, and educate the public about our water supply. With our population growing every day, the District needs to be able to plan ahead to protect and conserve our sources of water, promote conservation, and ensure water quality for our area. Ballot measure 7A proposes a property tax (mill levy) increase for the first time in the 50-year history of the District. The measure would provide an estimated $3.3 million per year for water. Vote YES on 7A to protect water quality and maintain healthy rivers and creeks!

Please note: the above ballot measures are all regional, not statewide, initiatives, so they will only appear on ballots for people living in the associated community. 

Wherever you live, your vote is important for our environment and the future of our planet. In Colorado, you can register to vote any time before or during election day, so check up on your voter registration today. Make sure your ballot arrives via mail or drop-box by 7:00 PM on November 3rd to be counted.

 Your vote is your voice, so speak up for nature and vote!

Paid for by TNC in coordination with Yes on 7A, Paul Bruchez, Treasurer; Friends of St. Vrain Left Hand Water, Amy Sanchez Raaz, Registered Agent; Yes on 2A: Climate Action Now, Lynea Hansen, Treasurer.