A queen conch in the Exuma Cays of The Bahamas
The Bahamas | In the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, commercially important species like queen conch are protected, which benefits fisheries near this vital protected area. © Jeff Yonover

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Bahamas Protected

We launched a powerful collaboration to protect the ocean and secure a sustainable future in one of the most iconic archipelagos in the world.

The clear blue waters, diverse marine life and expansive beaches that give The Bahamas its breathtaking beauty also provide food and livelihoods and sustain local economies for the people who call these islands home. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that these natural assets be conserved and effectively managed. Bahamas Protected is an innovative collaboration launched by The Nature Conservancy and partners to protect the marine resources on which Bahamians depend each and every day. 

TNC has been working closely with the Bahamian government for over a decade to establish marine protected areas (MPAs) and ensure they are effectively managed today and into the future. In 2008, The Bahamas joined the Caribbean Challenge Initiative, a historic regional effort to protect more ocean throughout the Caribbean than ever before. The Bahamian government committed to protect and manage at least 20% of its nearshore marine environment by 2020. Today, over 13 million acres are protected—or 10% of the country’s nearshore environment, bringing The Bahamas halfway to its committed goal.

To support the country in achieving its goal, The Bahamas National Trust, Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation and TNC, with funding from Oceans 5, launched Bahamas Protected with four main objectives:

  • Identify priority areas and design a new set of MPAs that brings The Bahamas to its 20% goal
  • Increase the effective management of the entire network of MPAs in The Bahamas
  • Support management of MPAs into the future through dedicated, reliable funding
  • Strengthen public awareness and support for MPAs

With government, conservation leaders and community stakeholders united in this forward-looking approach, Bahamas Protected is a strong force working to secure the long-term sustainability of the magnificent islands of The Bahamas.

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