A young boy smiles as he runs along a sandy beach, with blue water and sky behind him.
Caribbean | A healthy ocean and coasts are vital for future generations throughout the magnificent Caribbean islands. © Shane Gross

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Helping People and Nature Thrive in the Caribbean

THE BAHAMAS | A new protected area near the island of Eleuthera is home to the world's most concentrated population of a vulnerable seahorse species. © Shane Gross

A Unique Region on a Path to a Bright Future

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful but vulnerable regions in the world, with people and nature facing serious threats from climate change and other factors. In 2021, we worked with partners and local communities to advance lasting conservation outcomes during a critical time for the Caribbean and our planet—all thanks to our supporters.

We helped establish a robust new marine protected areas system in The Bahamas, built a coral science lab to scale up reef restoration in the Virgin Islands and throughout the region, and developed climate-smart action plans that can protect lives and livelihoods. Through our science-guided, nature-based approach, we are creating a healthier, more resilient future for the region’s ocean, coasts, coral reefs and communities.

We are proud to share our 2021 conservation wins and grateful for all the support and collaboration that makes this work possible.

Making a Difference in the Caribbean

Highlights of 2021

  • A school of fish swims through clear blue waters and vibrant sea fans.

    A Marine Milestone for an Iconic Archipelago

    Working with partners in The Bahamas, we advanced one of the most significant protection declarations in the history of the Caribbean—resulting in over 5 million acres of newly protected ocean and coast. Learn about our historic ocean wins.

  • Aerial view of TNC's Coral Innovation Hub on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, surrounded by green vegetation with blue ocean on the horizon

    A New Lab Means New Hope for Coral Reefs

    Our Virgin Islands Coral Innovation Hub is now home to a state-of-the-art lab, where scientists are scaling up techniques to save corals and embarking on one of the world’s largest reef restoration projects. Explore how we're helping coral reefs.

  • A pod of dolphins swims through clear turquoise ocean.

    Mapping the True Treasure of the Sea

    Using a novel tool, TNC scientists revealed the remarkable economic value the ocean generates for eastern Caribbean communities—including $6.3 million per year from whale and dolphin watching. See the Mapping Ocean Wealth tool in action.

  • Young kids plant mangrove seedlings as part of a community habitat restoration effort.

    Putting Nature to Work for Climate Readiness

    Joining conservation with disaster-risk reduction, we helped develop nature-based action plans that empower communities to become stronger in the face of climate change. Meet the communities on a path to resilience.

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