Climate Change

10 Facts About Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change is real, and we need you to spread the facts. We've rounded up 10 important facts about climate change and global warming. Share these with your friends on social media and spread the word about this critical issue.

97 percent: The percentage of scientists who agree that warming trends over the past century are very likely caused by human activity.

1950: Year when atmospheric CO2 levels broke records from the previous 400,000 years, sharply rising and continuing to grow.

8 inches: Rise in global sea levels over the last century. The rate of rise has nearly doubled in the last two decades.

16: Number of record-breaking hottest years since 2000. 2016 was the hottest year yet.

1.5 degrees: The average worldwide temperature increase in Fahrenheit compared to a century ago.

400 parts per million: Average concentration since 2016 of CO2 in the atmosphere, compared to 275 PPM for past 400,000 years.

9: The 9 most explosive fires in America's history have all occurred since 2000, with 2015 having the biggest fire (10.1 million acres burned) in American history.

19th century: When the heat-trapping nature of CO2 was first demonstrated.

30 percent: The increase in acidity of the world's oceans.

$180 billion: Estimated economic losses to the United States by end of the century if no action is taken on climate change.

Sources: NASA and EPA

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