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The railroad along the preserve’s eastern boundary was built in 1864. A railroad station, a grist mill and a baseball diamond, located in the northern part of the preserve during the 1920s, have long since disappeared.

A one-mile trail will take you through two woodlots – one hardwood and the other softwood –and a former meadow now growing into forest. The trail is mostly easy, but watch for some roots underfoot and gentle slopes in its southern section. The powerline corridor that bisects the preserve is excellent birding habitat.

Before you visit, please see our Visitation Guidelines and download a trail map.

Upon entering the preserve, visitors will find themselves dwarfed among the towering oaks, white pines and eastern hemlocks.The relic stand of old growth trees soon gives way to younger deciduous forest, shrubby wetlands and successional meadow habitat.

This 30-acre preserve is located in the town of New Scotland, Albany County.

  • Take Route 85 through Slingerlands to the village of New Scotland.
  • Find the preserve entrance on the left side of 85, 0.7 mile beyond the junction Routes 85 and 85A in New Scotland and just beyond the railroad underpass.
  • Turn in the entrance off Route 85, then left again toward the railroad tracks to the designated parking area.

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