Preserve Visitation Guidelines

Follow these rules to minimize disturbances to the natural communities when visiting a preserve.

Public Use Policy PDF

The Nature Conservancy's preserves are set aside to protect plant and animal communities and the biological diversity they represent. Our preserves are frequently used for scientific study and educational instruction. The general public is invited to observe and enjoy many of our preserves, but please remember that your presence has an impact on Iowa's delicate natural communities. Click here to download the Public Use Policy PDF.  The following guidelines should be followed as closely as possible.

  • Do not disturb areas marked by stakes, poles, flags or signs. These areas are in the process of being researched. Do not touch or move any markers.
  • Avoid walking in boggy or wet areas where the ground is saturated and soft. These areas are especially sensitive to trampling.
  • Watch out for bird nests on low shrubs and the ground. They are generally well concealed and are easily crushed.
  • Please respect private property adjoining our preserves.
  • Please report problems like trash or broken signage to our office at (515) 244-5044.
 Prohibited Activities on Our Preserves 
  • No motorized vehicles of any sort - strictly prohibited
  • No target practice
  • No littering
  • No building fires
  • No prospecting
  • No picking or removing of flowers, trees or shrubs
  • No feeding, chasing or capturing of any wildlife

Unless it's trash, if you did not enter the preserve with it, don't leave the preserve with it.