Zeigler Woods

Old-growth woodlands, rolling hill and a scenic little valley make up this Henry County preserve.

Why You Should Visit 

A high quality example of the rolling hardwood forests and depressional wetlands that once defined the now mostly agricultural east-central part of Indiana.


Henry County


North Central Tillplain


127 Acres


State Nature Preserve, 1991

Owned & Managed By

Division of State Parks and Reservoirs


What to See: Plants and Animals

Diverse and mature stands of white oak, northern red oak, white ash, shagbark hickory, sugar maple and American elm dominate the rich slopes. On the drier ridges and slopes, one will see black oak, basswood, blue ash, red elm and pignut hickory. Ephemeral wetlands can also be spotted during the spring months which make excellent breeding habitats for smallmouth salamanders and wood frogs.

There are no trails nor is there a parking lot available at this preserve. Please contact the Summit Lake State Park at (765) 766-5873 for visitation permission.


From the intersection of U.S. 36 and S.R. 3, travel east on U.S. 36 approximately 2.6 miles to Hillsboro Road (C.R. 300 E). Turn left and travel roughly 0.5 mile to the preserve on the left side of the road. 


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